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Forming technology

►Renewable primary products

►with thermoplastics

►with thermosetting plastics


The future-oriented application of renewable primary products compounded with PP and thermosetting plastics ensures efficient processes, innovative and environmentally sound products as well as sustainable primary product management in forming technology. We handle forming work steps for the production of various products with standard units or special solutions that are custom-made for specific applications.

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Laminating technology

►Choice and variety of decorative materials

►Expertise in production-/ and process engineering


Choice and variety of decorative materials for the interior design in automotive engineering asks for high requirements as to the production of laminating- and bending equipment.

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Adhesive application technology

►Specific adhesive application process

►Technically mature materials-/ and metering engineering


Adhesive technology is essential for manufacturing products made of polymers and is used in many production processes.The focused application of adhesives using various methods (bead, spraying) as well as the use of a variety of liquid adhesives are part of our portfolio. Our processing technology portfolio is completed by a patented application method for adhesives and our mature tool and dosing technology. The positioning of components to be processed is effected by means of patented pane tools.

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Process technology

LUMAC processing cells

►Tools designed for the dedicated application


LUMAC machining cabinets for cutting-/ milling-/ and deflashing processes as well as tools especially designed for the particularly dedicated application ensure safe procedures and efficient processing. All-comprehensive process engineering production lines may be realised and set up.

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Installation and joining

►various joining processes

►Various characteristics of materials


Assembly and joining systems are used to make products by connecting various components made of plastic or sustainable raw materials. We can draw on broad experience with methods such as hot air, hot-element, ultra-sound, laser, friction and infra-red welding as well as hot-melt adhesion and joining methods. In doing so individual processing workstations and comprehensive assembly lines including material shuttle transport.

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